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It’s 7:04 am in the morning

It’s 7:04 am in the morning

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It’s 7:04 am in the morning and I’m sitting down at the computer, ready to write this morning’s journal entry.


There is nothing to write about.
There is nothing to write about.
There is nothing to write about.

This is what I write when I can’t think of anything. What usually happens is by the 3rd or 4th sentence, something slides into my head and I can move forward.

I’m going to end up taking the late bus today. I woke up at 6 with the alarm after going to bed early, so I must have needed the sleep. Jackie, my cat, has already settled down for her 1st nap of the day. And I’m sitting here writing anything that pops into my head because that’s what I do in the morning.

Write something, anything. I did however forget to write on Saturday morning. That kinda bothers me because I’ve been pretty good about this so far. I almost can say that I enjoy doing this.

Almost. Not quite. Because I think if I really enjoyed it I wouldn’t have any difficulty doing it.

OK, that’s a load of bullshit. Even professional writers have empty days sometimes. What makes them professional is that they don’t let empty days determine their worth or their output.

They just take them in stride and move forward. Especially if they already have something started. My understanding is that a character, once formed, starts to direct the writing, the writer doesn’t. He or she just follows where the character wants to go. I wonder what the first writer who realized this thought about it.

When did it first occur? Yes, I know that fiction writing isn’t as old as writing in general. Or maybe that’s not true. Maybe all writing is a type of fiction and what makes it non-fiction is how much isn’t made up. How much is the re-telling of events that actually occurred, but…it’s a re-telling which means that even if you’re the person who is writing about yourself, there is still some adjustment. The re-telling has to go through the filter of your memory which may or may not be accurate. Does accuracy require 1 person, 2 people or 3 people, whose stories are sufficiently the same so that you can say that that event actually occurred because more than 1 person remembers it the same way?

What is accuracy in the re-telling of an event? Or a memory? Or anything else someone wants to write about. Other than saying the sky is blue and the grass is green, can anything be related with any accuracy at all? Will I remember writing this when I re-read it in a few months?

Will I remember what my point was?


Will anything be the same ever again?