Thought I didn’t have very much to talk about

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Thought I didn’t have very much to talk about in last night’s session with CL. But I was wrong.

It’s nice to talk about how things are going well. It’s nice to talk about how I’m connected to my purpose at work. Being of service, being part of a team. Being easy to work with.

He shared a personal experience of his to show how self-care can create understanding and connection and that he can take his own advice too. It’s possible that what I thought was a short by effective phone call on Tuesday night was in fact, a short but deep phone call which might have led to my needing to take a mental health day yesterday? Or it could be my not getting to bed on time leading to needing more sleep. I did take 2 naps yesterday.

If I want to get up at 5a and get 7 units of sleep, I have to be in bed by 1130p, 1115p, ideally.
I’ve been getting to bed by 1230a and thus, missing an hour of sleep, which adds up by the weekend. I can’t afford that this week, because I have a Red Elephant event on Saturday. It’s one of those events where you pay $97 and if you attend, they give you your money back.
I’d like to say, how do they afford it, but I know how they afford it. They depend on you signing up for their coaching package at this event.

They use this 1 day event as a loss leader, much like the candy and magazine display at the check-out counter in the supermarket. If you come in for 1 or 2 items, you will be seduced by the visual appeal of all that other stuff and end up buying a shopping cart full by the time you’re ready to check out and when you get home, the “high” has worn off and you wonder why you bought all this stuff when you only wanted a quart of milk or a dozen eggs. The science of shopping. Beware!!!!!

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    1. Great! Thank you – that’s what I’m looking for. All of a sudden, I’m getting all these subscribers. Emails of people I don’t know. I’m wondering if they’re looking for the other Lisa Smeraldi?

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